About us

As a way to honor her grandmother, Deanna Nail created Edna Rose. What started with team pride accessories turned into so much more, selling out in collegiate bookstores all over the country, and now you’ll find the brand in boutiques, and larger retailers later this year.

Deanna’s grandmother, Edna, was an incredibly inspiring woman, and the brand now inspires and empowers women from all over the globe. Edna Rose is based on team spirit, and each item takes on a classy meets casual vibe; truly versatile pieces that can take you from here to there, from one special moment to the next.

No matter where you live or where you might have gone to school, everyone has a ‘team’ they love and want to support. Edna Rose was created for this very reason, a way to connect. The brand also gives back to non-profits, locally and globally.

Edna Rose is fashionable, functional, and above all, fun. It might very well be just what you’ve been looking for.

This fun, fashionable, affordable line just might be what you’ve been looking for!